1985 bmw k100

project description:

how to do the most with the least.
resto-moding a neglected close to free
bike. to be a custom daily rider tailored
towards reduction and usability. doing
everything myself, learning as I go.


mechanical restore & aesthetic shift.

1985 BMW K100



it’s hard to say no to a cheap bike. especially, when it’s complete and titled on non opp. having come to it’s demise with an electrical fire and left in a shop yard to be parted out, i saw an opportunity to bring something back in my own way.


teardown & assessment.

as a coastal commuter between Santa Barbara and Camarillo, surface rust and aluminum oxidation was in no short supply. decidedly best to strip the bike down to it’s fundamental components and go from there.


surface refinement.

media blast. etch. coat. cure.



in stock format a k100 is a two up bike with a smuggler trunk in the rear. that’s a lot of bike and I wanted less.
matching the frame with a 45 degree kick the goal is to look factory(ish) with an amply padded and tidy seat.


seat pan.

custom formed to contour the frame rails out of 6061 .100 aluminum. template. cut. anneal. form. had to build a basic metal brake to match the frame radius. project or no project, making your own tools is one of the most reward experiences.


rearset adapter plates.

to facilitate a more forward leaned riding position you move the pegs rearward. and inversely have to then sort out brake and shift linkage. templates were laser cut, tested, and adjusted for optimum foot placement. before switching to 6061 T6 aluminum and machining.

currently in development.


keep it cool.

the donor bike was a bit of a hot find as it literally went through an electrical fire. thus the fire sale pricing. SO, the cooling system has been upgraded with a modern spal electrical fan and water/oil pump off of a k1200lt.


more as it comes.