b. 1986, HK.


i’m duncan.

I am an untitled designer in Los Angeles,
currently in my third year of study at ArtCenter College of Design with a focus on branding, soft goods, cmf, and informed innovation.

Eight years ago I became infatuated with film photography, as a means to interpret my experiences. There is beauty I found, in following a process to an expected, or in many cases, unexpected outcome. Sometimes photographs simply don’t come out and other times they’re perfect, but they do get better with time. You follow the steps until a certain point. Then you interpret, act, and the outcome is yours.

I find design to be quite similar; there’s rules to follow and rules to break.

I value people and their experiences, paired with information, and the subtle nuances that make up the true identity of a moment. Striving to create unique experiences from the best resources available that will surpass the good itself.


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